Henry Pullan

I make games

Twitter: @henwuar
email: henrypullan@gmail.com

I am a Dundee based game creator specialising in Programming and Audio Production. I studied Computer Games Technology at Abertay University and I'm currently working with @bitloomgames on PHOGS.


Roles: Programming, Audio, Design
Tech: Unity 3D, Ableton Live 9

PHOGS puts two players in control of a double-ended dog to solve physics based puzzles in a vibrant world full of interesting characters and unique interactions. [Currently in development]

Everything is Peachy

Role: Programming, Design
Tech: Game Maker: Studio
Notes: Winner, Moray Game Jam 2016

Everything is Peachy was developed alongside 2 artists and a music producer over a 6 week period after winning the Moray Game Jam 2016.


Role: Programming, Audio, Design
Tech: Unity 3D, Ableton Live 9

Swell is a literal sandbox where the player simply manipulates the sand and any objects that wash up on the shore of the tiny beach to create little sand castles. The tide will eventually come in and reclaim all your work, leaving you with a blank canvas to start all over again. Created for the Global Game Jam 2017 with the theme "Waves".


Roles: Art, Audio, Programming, Design
Tech: Unreal Engine 4, Blender, Ableton Live 9
Notes: Winner, Unreal Jam June 2016

Created for the June UE4 Jam alongside James Wood to the theme "Fire in the Hole", Fuseo is about guiding your lit fuse through the level avoiding nasty saws and blowing up dynamite.

Big Wings

Role: Programming, Sound Effects, Design
Tech: Unreal Engine 4, Ableton Live 9

Big Wings was made with a team of 2 programmers (including myself), an artist and 2 artists/designers for the UE4 Jam, May 2016 with the theme "What Goes Down, Must Come Up". Fly a giant bird through a dream-like landscape and swoop down to gain speed and reach for the stars.

Tides: A Shark Tale

Roles: Programming
Tech: Unity 3D

Created as part of the Professional Project module of my third year studies, Tides was created to raise awareness of sharks and the threats that humans pose to them. The application includes a companion app that is networked to the main game to transfer information about the world that the player is discovering.